Our restaurant consists of two parts that are right next to each other, a café and a Czarina hall.
Our kitchen produces tasty home-cooked food and also more complex meals when needed.

Our restaurant is a cozy place for various parties such as weddings, birthdays, class meetings
or just a friend's night out.
We can make your special party from decorations to serving.
We always design each and every party together with the customer.
Or alternatively, we can only agree on a space rental rate if you want to manage the arrangements yourself.

In addition to parties, we welcome other dining groups. Are you on road with your group to go to
for example Inari or back to Levi and want a tasty lunch on your way?

It is easy to reach us with a snowmobile from Levi, Rautusjärvi also has good ice fishing opportunities.

For groups staying in our guesthouse, we are happy to calculate an offer on meals.
Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, evening snack. We can plan together the right package for your group!

Our restaurant is open to groups upon request.
Please contact us if you are interested on
arranging parties or dinners in our restaurant :)

Our cafe is decorated in a cozy retro-style.
The cafe has seats for about 25 people.

In the café, we usually serve breakfast, midday and evening snacks,
as well as meeting cafes.


The hall of the czarina is decorated with country-romantic style.
The hall can seat about 50 people.
The space varies from dining to party / dancing space or meeting use.
For evening entertainments we can make place for band
or karaoke devices as well as for dance floor.

In the hall we usually serve lunch and dinner.
We generally prefer buffet meals.

Czarina hall

Osoite / address: Inarintie 585, FI-99180 Rautusjärvi

Yhteystiedot / contact:

+358 (0)40 147 1235

jurtta @

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Jurtta Oy & Majatalo Jurtta pidättää itsellään oikeuden muutoksiin // Jurtta Oy & Guesthouse Jurtta reserves the right to changes 

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